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Vegan Allergen Friendly Cookbook Out Now!

The new Vegan AF cookbook by Chef Brandon Rouge offers a myriad of Vegan, gluten-free and soy-free versions of traditional comfort food recipes that are both healthy and tasty.

Chef Rouge’s latest Vegan cookbook features, what he considers to be, the best allergen-friendly versions of classic comfort foods ever created. Titled “Vegan Allergen Friendly – New Comfort Classics“, the recipe book features more than 60 Vegan recipes designed to empower foodies with food allergies to be able to enjoy food to the fullest. All the recipes included in the book are free of gluten, soy, oats, refined sugars, gums, artificial preservatives or additives, and are designed to be nutrient-dense and digestive friendly. Chef Rouge has been diagnosed with both Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease, both of which have pushed him to utilize the most digestive-friendly ingredients available.

Regarding the Cookbook, Chef Rouge remarked, “This way of cooking is an idea whose time has come. We live in the golden age of food; You can get nearly any ingredient from any part of the world delivered to your house and look up dishes from any culture’s cuisine in seconds. There is no longer any need for filler ingredients or empty calories. Food should nourish the body, energize the mind, and why not make it delicious? Nutrient-dense, Whole Foods Plant Based Cuisine is the food of the future. This book is an introduction to this new world.”

“This is not a casual, ‘Meals in 30 Mintutes or Less!’, type of cookbook. This is an authoritative, ‘Oh my God, this is the best Quiche I’ve ever had in my life, Vegan or otherwise’, cookbook. I’m not playin. As the kids say these days, ‘It’s Lit.’ I decided to make the book pay-what-you-can, because I want everyone who’s interested to have these recipes. I also thought about making the suggested price $1000, not for the profit, but because I want people to value these recipes. They are transformative recipes for healthier, high-vibrational living.” – Chef Rouge

The recipes in “Vegan Allergen Friendly – New Comfort Classics” are divided into 4 sections- Savory, Sweet, Des Boissons (beverages), and Vegan AF Essentials (recipe bases). Among the 60+ recipes included is one of Chef Rouge’s most requested; the Golden Milk Cookies recipe that helped him win on Supermarket Stakeout. Some of the most revolutionary recipes featured in the book include:

  • Hemp & Black Bean Tacos

  • Cheezecake

  • Lovely Lasagna made with Hemp Ricotta

  • Pepita Quiche

  • Purple Sweet Potato Pie

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Fig Cookies

  • And many substitutions for milk, cream, butter, eggs, and gluten

Each of the recipes starts with a story or an anecdote about the food, followed by precise instructions on ingredients, tools to be used as well as the step-by-step cooking method.

About the author:

Based in Seattle, Chef Rouge is a chef, metaphysician, and Qi Gong enthusiast who is dedicated to helping people improve their personal wellbeing and ultimately achieve self-actualization. A dynamic plant based chef, Chef Rouge loves to experiment with alternative versions of traditional recipes and is the first and only chef to win Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s Supermarket Stakeout competition using only plant-based ingredients. Chef Rouge was previously the chef and owner of Celest Café in Seattle, recently helped Our Beginning School in Seattle transition to a fully whole foods plant based food program, and currently volunteers with Plant Based Food Share Seattle; providing healthy food boxes to people in need. You can connect with Chef Rouge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok.

For more details and to purchase the book, please visit

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